Kage Kaisen Revival!

January 19th 2010, 6:45 pm by Kensei


To all our members,

I (Kensei), have decided to renovate the site, which has remained dead since our head Administrator, Baraku, went absent. There will be a new set of rules, a new skin, new profile formats...

Basically, we're starting the site over.

But don't be alarmed. For those of you who choose to return, you will not have to rewrite your application, or change it to the present system. Your applications are still there, resting in the Filing Cabinet -- feel free and ask the Staff to repost it if it has already been approved, or ask them to read over the application and approve it, then move it to the Approved sub-boards.

If you do not wish to roleplay on the site any longer, or the renovation does not appeal to you, all you have to do is tell the Staff in a PM ; your account will be removed without any questions.

We apologize for any inconveniences, and thank you all for your patience and cooperation.

Your loving (new) head Admin,

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Available Ranks

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Available Ranks

Post by Kensei on January 20th 2010, 1:12 pm

    This is a list of all the available ranks for the Kage Kaisen v. 2.0 : Bleach Roleplay site. You must make a character that fits the requirements, or meet the requirements IC in order to gain that rank. Each rank has a different responsibility, requirements...and monthly pays.

    If you are applying for the following ranks, contact the Staff that you want to create a high-level character via PM :
Captain, Captain Commander ;
Privaron Espada, Espada, Espada Lord ;
Vizard Leader, Vizard Knight, Elite Vizard ;
Matriarch / Patriarch, Arch-Bishop

Upholders of justice and balance between worlds, Shinigami strive to protect and herd human souls and prevent Hollows from getting too powerful. Originally the strongest faction around, it now feels pressure to strengthen its forces after the Great Spirit War.
    Captain Commander : The leader of the Shinigami, the Captain Commander directs the rest of the Gotei 13 in battle and out. He/she is of legends, and is counted the strongest Shinigami lying around. Some myths even hint at the Captain Commander achieving a level of understanding with their Zanpakuto beyond Bankai, but this has never been proven. The Captain Commander has all judicial and military power, and also has information to the whereabouts of the Soul Key.

    Requirement : Popular vote by existing Captains
    Monthly Pay : 1,500 kon

    Captain : Leaders of individual divisions that constitute the 13 Protection Squads. Each has their own responsibilities, and they are skilled in one or more areas of combat, Kidou, and/or healing. They have almost complete autonomy, except for orders from the Captain Commander. Almost every Captain is strong in his or her own regard, and most of them know their Zanpakuto's Bankai. There are only three known ways of becoming a Captain of the Gotei 13.

    Requirement :
    (1) Popular vote and recommendation by existing Captains
    (2) Captain Proficiency Test (Bankai required; administered by existing Captains)
    (3) To-the-death, one-on-one duel with a Captain in front of 200 squad members
    Monthly Pay : 1,000 kon

    Lieutenant : The 2nd Seated Officer is often called the Lieutenant. They are responsible for taking care of the everyday dealings of their division, and most of them are skilled, bot not experts, in their area of combat. They accompany the Captain into battle, and can act as a replacement should the Captain be lost, injured, or dead. They attend their own meeting.

    Requirement : Handpicked by Captain of said division
    Monthly Pay : 750 kon

    Seated Officer : The Gotei 13's backbone, the Seated Officers make over 90 percent of the Shinigami faction. They range from moderately skilled to downright useless, and are ranked according to their abilities, and sorted according to their preferences. Those below the rank of the 5th Seated Officers may find themselves sharing their rank with others of the same skill...or uselessness.

    Requirement : Chosen to a division according to abilities/preferences
    Monthly Pay : 400 kon

    Unseated / Student : Students who reside in the Academy for Spiritual Arts, and are in the process of learning how to become a Shinigami. After a 7-year course, they are admitted into the Gotei 13, though exceptions exist for specially skilled souls and others that wind up in the Onmitsukidou, the Kidou Corps, or the 4th Divsion.

    Requirement : None
    Monthly Pay : 200 kon

    Espada Lord : The only untattooed member of the Arrancar Army, and the self-proclaimed leader. The strongest in that dog-eat-dog world of Hueco Mundo, the Espada Lord retains his power and authority through sheer force and oppression. They possess the second Resurrecion, where they achieve a more evolved form of their own Hollow selves.

    Requirement : Defeating the previous Espada Lord on a one-on-one, to-the-death combat
    Monthly Pay : 1,500 kon

    Espada : The 10 strongest Arrancar, who have been given power and strength beyond their wildest beliefs. They willingly follow the Espada Lord, and most of them respect his tenacity. They have all achieved full control of their respective Resureccion, and are undoubtedly as strong as, or stronger than Captains, or their previous selves. They command their own Fraccion, but they also have control over other Numeros.

    Requirement : Chosen among the strongest by the Espada Lord
    Monthly Pay : 1,000 kon

    Privaron Espada : The 10 strongest Arrancar...who were replaced by the current Espada. They have been removed from positions of power, and most of them wait, rotting away in boredom and peace, for the opportunity to prove themselves worthy. They have lost everything but their own power; they are given freedom only if what they do does not affect the others or go against the orders by the Espada Lord or the Espada.

    Requirement :
    (1) Must be a previous Espada
    (2) Must remain living after a one-on-one match with the current Espada
    Monthly Pay : 750 kon

    Fraccion : Fraccion help the Espada, but are used in varying ways; some are treated as bodyguards, others as Captains would treat Lieutenants, and yet others are used for experiments and whatnot. In some ways, they are luckier than their Numeros counterparts; for others, they might be worse off.

    Requirement : Chosen by an Espada to serve them
    Monthly Pay : 400 kon

    Unseated / Student : From number 11 to 99, Arrancar are ordered by their birth. These soldiers are expected to fight to the death, and follow the orders of their higher-ups without question. These "Numbers" or Numeros are often counted as expendable, and are often treated that way, even by the Espada, those lucky and strong enough to crawl to the top of Hueco Mundo.

    Requirement : None
    Monthly Pay : 200 kon

    Vasto Lorde : The strongest Hollow, or Menos available, Vasto Lordes form colonies of their own. They equal Arrancar below the level of Privaron Espada with their own powers, but they can be easily defeated by high-ranking Arrancar. Most of this class choose to side with the Espada Lord, handing over the reigns to their colony for the power of Shinigamification.

    Requirement : Survived for over a thousand years without getting eaten
    Monthly Pay : 500 kon

    Adjuchas : Adjuchas make up the middle class of Menos in both power and features. They are smaller than their Gillian counterparts, and develop a mind of their own, but they have not yet reached a perfect humanoid form. Most Menos of this level resemble some animal or another, and Arrancar derived from this class fill most of the Espada and Numeros ranks.

    Requirement : Survived for over 500 years without getting eaten
    Monthly Pay : 350 kon

    Menos Grande : Also known as the Gillian class Menos, Menos Grande are large, lumbering Hollows that lack a sense of identity...except for some. A couple of strong-willed Hollows dominate the others in the mass, and gain their own identity. If they consume enough Hollows, such Gillians go on to become Adjuchas.

    Requirement :
    (1) Generic Menos : Join 100 other Hollows in a massive pile, in Hueco Mundo.
    (2) Atypical Menos : Have a Reiatsu difference of 50 and over with the other Hollows.
    Monthly Pay : 200 kon

    Hollow : Souls, or "Pluses", that have stayed on Earth too long without a burial, or have been consumed by other Hollows turn into Hollows themselves, and seek to fill the hole in their body by consuming humans. Some strong Hollows will also eat their own kind, but they are too weak to bear the burden of Shinigamification, and often turn out to be failures.

    Requirement : None
    Monthly Pay : 100 kon

    Leader : The leader of the Vizards, he or she is either the most able or the most popular. The Vizard Leader is expected to take care of the other Vizards, and often have their way until their death. They are nominated by a general vote by the rest of the Vizards.

    Requirement : Popular vote by all Vizards
    Monthly Pay : 1,500 kon

    Knight : Not exactly a class, but the strongest Vizards are nominated by the Leader to follow him and guard him in battle and out. They tend to be picked from the Elite Vizards, but there are exceptions, as the decision rests on the Vizard Leader, who can choose someone below that level if he/she wills.

    Requirement : Handpicked by the Vizard Leader
    Monthly Pay : 1,000 kon

    Elite : Those Vizards who have stayed Hollowfied for a long time finally grow to be in-tempo with their inner Hollow. While they still fight, the Elite Vizards can pull out Hollow powers at will, and the Inner Hollow will remain silent or work with the Zanpakuto spirit to offer the Vizards help.

    Requirement : Overwhelming one's Inner Hollow (defeating it 15+ times)
    Monthly Pay : 750 kon

    Veteran : Veteran Vizards have defeated their inner Hollows in one-on-one combat, risking their body and soul. They are able to pull out their mask, and use Hollow powers, but the Hollow, while supporting the Veterans by trying to keep them alive, are alway ready to backstab them if they should make one wrong move.

    Requirement : Subduing one's Inner Hollow (defeating it 1 time)
    Monthly Pay : 500 kon

    Normal : Normal Vizards have just suffered Hollowfication and regained consciousness. They cannot use their Hollow powers except when their inner Hollow takes over their body. They are often still in shock at their status, and tend to reject the existence of their Hollow side.

    Requirement : Hollowfication.
    (1) Hougyoku.
    (2) Being severely injured by a Hollow, and Hollowfied.
    (3) Having a strong enough will to fend off the inner Hollow's first grab for dominance.
    Monthly Pay : 250 kon

    Matriarch/Patriarch : The leader of the Quincy is also the leader of a religious organization. The Matriarch or Patriarch is often chosen by the rest by both their abilities and personality, and after the Arch-Bishop's vote, the next leader is elected. Each has the power to rule until their death.

    Requirement : Popular vote by Arch-Bishop
    Monthly Pay : 1,500 kon

    Arch-Bishop : Those who direct the inner workings of the church. Arch-Bishops hold masses, and conduct business normally, but they also handle cases that the lower-downs cannot even breach. They command the rest, but have pledged absolute loyalty to both their leader and the church, and are expected to sacrifice everything for others, and make the right decisions.

    Requirement : Popular vote by Bishop
    Monthly Pay : 1,000 kon

    Bishop : Those who conduct the lower services, Bishops also tend to construct chapels of their own. They focus on training the Deacons, but also take missions from the higher-ups without question. They are elected similarly from the general Deacon populace after a popular vote, and in all circumstances, the decision can only be overruled by the Matriarch/Patriarch.

    Requirement : Popular vote by Deacon
    Monthly Pay : 750 kon

    Deacon : Hand-picked by the Bishops for their abilities, then accepted into the cult by either the acting Arch-Bishop or the Matriarch/Patriarch him/herself in a formal ceremony, Deacons assist all the other ranks of Quincy, and make up most of the Quincy population.

    Requirement : Handpicked by Bishop
    Monthly Pay : 500 kon

    Acolyte : Those who want to pursue the road of the Quincy, and have come to the church for advice and guidance. This class mostly consists of the relatives of Quincies, but humans with high spiritual power and a strong will to pursue justice may also enter apprenticeship...after a test, of course.

    Requirement :
    (1) Pledge.
    (2) Ability to use a Quincy cross.
    Monthly Pay : 250 kon

Humor : Candies and music

Race : Hollow
Rank : Espada 2
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