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January 19th 2010, 6:45 pm by Kensei


To all our members,

I (Kensei), have decided to renovate the site, which has remained dead since our head Administrator, Baraku, went absent. There will be a new set of rules, a new skin, new profile formats...

Basically, we're starting the site over.

But don't be alarmed. For those of you who choose to return, you will not have to rewrite your application, or change it to the present system. Your applications are still there, resting in the Filing Cabinet -- feel free and ask the Staff to repost it if it has already been approved, or ask them to read over the application and approve it, then move it to the Approved sub-boards.

If you do not wish to roleplay on the site any longer, or the renovation does not appeal to you, all you have to do is tell the Staff in a PM ; your account will be removed without any questions.

We apologize for any inconveniences, and thank you all for your patience and cooperation.

Your loving (new) head Admin,

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Katashi Izuru

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Katashi Izuru

Post by AnubisDx on June 9th 2010, 10:14 pm


Hello! I'm Ivan, and I've been RPing for a few days.
I'm a Guy, and I've been around for 19 years.
I live in Uruguay. If anyone needs me, my contacts are at my profile.
Sorry about misspelling, english is not my first language ^^

Full Character Name : Katashi
Behind the Name : Meaning Firm, Hard
Nickname(s) : ---

Actual Age : 228 (19x12)
Age of Appearance : Arround 20s (see picture)
Birthday : January 18th.

Gender : Male
Race : Vizard.
Rank : Unknown

Eye Color : Honey (Light Brown)
Hair Color : Black

Height : 5 ft 3 in
Weight : 166 lb
ABO Blood Type : A-

Katashi is a Black haired guy whose eyes are really charming, but thats not what his eyes express.His eyes express lonliness and sadness, but he is usually seen with a nice smile on his face.
Katashi lives in the real world one since he was kicked out of the soul society because of his hollow form.
Katashi became a half transformed hollow when was sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances in the Rukongai with his team.
He usually wears some jeans, a white t-shirt and a black opened shirt, also a gray with white details pair of skater shoes, and a black fingerless glove in his right hand.
When shinigami he wore the usual shihakusho, but sleeveless,still wore his fingerless black glove.

Likes : I like listening to music, and being in a quiet place.I love spending time with real friends
Dislikes : I hate when people talk at the same time, and when there is anoying people doing stupid things

Strengths : Wise, Smart, Serious when required
Weaknesses : Temperamental sometimes, Obstinate, easily bored, and easily gets depressed

Katashi is a serious and decisive individual, though he is easily annoyed and is rather temperamental, often to a fault. He is greatly annoyed by immaturity.
His aggressive behavior is particularly evident in combat.
He's quite a quiet guy, eventhoug there are times when he gets anger outbursts, those are dangerous time for those who are around him.
When outbursting he is agresive and hes willing to fight anybody.
He is quite smart, so that gives him an adventage in the battlefield, hes quiete an strategist.When fighting he rather use his shinigami powers than his hollow powers.
His inner hollow is suicidal, doesn't care to get hurt as long as his enemy does too.
Katashi get depressed when see fathers and sons together since he was abandonned by his when he was just a child.

History :

When he entered to the Shinigamis Academy he went through the level quite fast. Eventhoug he's a really good fighter he's actually bad at kidou, but still he can use then if he cast them propertly.
He was trained by his father when a child, untill his father strangely went away. His mom told him he left them, than mada kakashi really sad and angry, up until today.
When he graduated he got easily a high rank in his asigned team. Altough he never get to be liutenant nor capitan, he was considered a powerful shinigami.He was even asked if he didnt want to try to be capitan.He refused since he considered himself not to be worthy.
He kept this way untill one day strange disappearances happened, and he was sent to investigate.His team founs some dead shinigamis, and the moment they found them , those who were in contact transformed into hollows.
These hollow attaked Katashi and those shinigamis who havent transformed yet. Katashi had to kill some of his hollowed partners, some of them were close to him.
But then he was transformed into a hollow too. He doesnt remember anything since then, he only remembers when he woke up.
He was in the real world and in a human form.
Since then he had trained to get stronger.In this training he got his bankai release, and also tried not succesfully to control his inner hollow.
Later he met with some of his hollowed partners.Listening to their histories he realiced he wasnt the only one who became hollow and then woke up in the real wolrd.
Since he met his parners, they decided trying to tame their inner hollows, and so they did.
They have been training to go back to the shinigami's wolrd and figure out whan happened that day.

RP Sample : Havent yet

Password: 勝利の花弁

Omake : ---
Face Claim : Dont know if actually an anime character but i took it from CannibalTaco34(devianart)[Special thanks ^^]
Character Songs : Crossfade - Breathing Slowly www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wwcImfPbok

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